Refugee Week

It’s Refugee Week. I’d thus like to share the following article, written by Sally Hyman, Director of CRIBS International, which is a tiny organisation working to support pregnant refugee women and families with tiny babies in Greece

I saw Reema who had been discharged from hospital within days of an emergency cesarean section with her tiny baby. As we sat talking in her shared tent about the traumas she had experienced, we swatted away flies from her newborn’s face in conditions that, at best, are described as squalid. Reema shared one of four showers with over 2000 people.

Elsewhere in Athens, in April 2019, the Greek government, in a pre- election PR move, evicted over 300 refugees at gunpoint from a supposed safe squat, including families with babies.

We could not meet the demand that ensued. The women included Mahsa, turfed out while experiencing a suspected miscarriage. She started bleeding at the police station and lost her baby two days later; doctors put it down to raised cortisol levels triggered by terror and panic.

You can read more here.

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