Kelham Island Life

Kelham Island lies to the North of Sheffield city centre. It is one of the city’s oldest industrial sites, with the island that gives the quarter its name having been created in the 1100’s when a stream was diverted to provide power for a mill. In more recent times, the area has undergone a number of changes. Large-scale manufacturing slowed and has all but disappeared, people moved on. More recently, however, the old steel and cutlery works have been turned into flats, microbreweries, night clubs, and restaurants. The island itself is also home to Kelham Island Museum, which bears witness to the area’s industrial past.

But what are people’s experiences of Kelham Island? What’s it like to live or work here? How does it feel to have lived through the changes the area has seen? How do people currently connected to the area feel about its past?

Photographer and participatory artist, Laura Page, will run a series of free photography workshops for anyone who would like to part in the project. Participants will talk about their experiences of Kelham Island and come up with ideas for photographs together, before going out to take them. Everyone’s pictures will be exhibited at Kelham Island Museum from 1st June 2019. The group will choose their favourites to be enlarged and further exhibited from 14th June 2019 alongside other works. This is part of a collaboration between the University of Sheffield and Kelham Island Museum.

If you are interested in taking part, please call Laura Page on 07886 245 477 to book a place on a workshop or for more information. All people of all backgrounds and abilities welcome. There’s no need to say for the full two hours – feel free to drop in.

Workshops (all at Kelham Island Museum, Alma St, Sheffield. S3 8RY):
Thursday 11th April 10am—12pm
Thursday 18th April 10am—12pm
Tuesday 23rd April 10am—12pm
Sunday 19th May 11am—1pm

Evening event – opening of exhibition and choose favourites to be enlarged:
Friday 31st May 5pm—7pm