I work in the Philosophy Department at the University of Sheffield (UK) . The main focus of my research can be called ‘phenomenological philosophy of mind’, which means – as the name suggests – that I’m interested in using ideas from the phenomenological tradition to address issues in contemporary philosophy of mind, although I write about other things too. A lot of my most recent work has been about Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology.

I’m currently thinking about agency, and how we might understand action in the light of various experimental data that seem to threaten the idea that our doings are ever under our conscious control. I’m also – on a completely different note – thinking about power and culture. I’ll probably put some more information up about those projects at some point.

I am co-editor – along with Søren Overgaard and David Cerbone – of the new book series, Routledge Research in Phenomenology.

I’m also on the executive committee for the Society for Women in Philosophy (UK), and currently act as Treasurer.

I’d love to hear from people interested in similar things. Do feel free to get in touch.